Beat the VAT with Just protein

Well even though we fought it with every breath the Govt have applied 20% VAT tp all sports drinks from Oct 1st . In response Boditronics has launched our new Just protein no frills protein blend , its high in protein , tastes and mixes great and is aggressively priced to help off set the blow of the VAT , Our premium proteins will always be at the pinncale of performance and quality but Just Protein is exactly what it says on the tin it has no additions just protein and you can rest easy that is contains exactly what it says on the label .. this month as an additional helping hand we are offering every customer who purchases the new protein a free 750g Creatine .. Jump on the deal as its only while stocks last and Just protein is flying out currently

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Express Cookie Countdown

Hello all .
we are getting very excited here at Boditronics Towers about the imminent arrival of our Express Cookies . They feature 50% protein ( 30g per 60g cookie ) and an unprecidented taste and texture for this type of product . the packaging all arrives in about 10 days then we have to make them so should be on Sale last week of the month . Keep you eyes open for these treats before they all go


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Product of the week discounts —

We have launched a product of the week initiative for our retail customers . Every week we send out a newsletter with a featured product giving features and benefits of the product how to use it and what it will do , we offer a huge discount on the featured product for that week , typically between 25 or 30% off with a code to enter at checkout on our site ( NB you have to be signed in to be able to use the code ) .  We also include a diet or training tip as well . If you would like to get these offers then just sign up for our newsletter at the foot of the homepage or join our facebook or twitter communities to get the offer code . You get much more information on the newsletter however so I would recommend that route .. so far we have featured Intracell and Express Whey Anabolic, so register now to recieve next weeks offer on Friday

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New Bodipure Creatine 50% extra free

In these pressing Financial times we thought it would be good to help out hard pressed customers and offer as bit more for your money , So today we are launching our newly packaged Bodipure Creatine , If you buy 500g we will give you 50% extra free thats 750g for the price of 500g cant be bad

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New Boditronics Packaging

After over a year in development we have at last launched our new packaging , these new PET gloss tubs and Silver Glassine labels look stunning together and give the products which you all know for the quality and results finally the new clothes they have been needing for some time

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Boditronics October Update

Dear All

First I would like to apologise for the inordinate amount of time that’s passed since my last blog entry.

We have been very busy here developing exciting new products so I have been somewhat distracted.  Also this year has seen an unprecedented rise in the price of raw Whey protein. This has meant that the price of standard Whey only protein supplements has climbed
dramatically since the beginning of the year.

At Boditronics we have spent a lot of time developing new and exciting innovations in the protein market in order to give the customer more for his money rather than just whey.

Express Protein XTR-4 has proven especially popular. A Blend of 4 proteins and copious amounts of Glutamine, XTR-4 delivers a superior amino profile, taste and mixing to a whey only product for a lower SR.







Just recently we really broke through with the launch of Express Whey Anabolic adding  Creatine Gluconate, lots of Peptide bonded Glutamine and for the first time D Aspartic acid to our well know Express whey produce. All these products advance the humble protein shake while not adding to the price offering the consumer a better bang for their buck.




Boditronics have also been busy with sports and teams, and are now the proud sponsors of Aberdeen Grammar Rugby club and Manchester Titans American Football club.







In addition Boditronics is fast becoming the brand of choice for the fast growing and very exciting Crossfit revolution that is sweeping the UK.

I will try not to leave it so long before blogging again this time ….

Take care and happy training.

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New products out this month

Dear All

Sorry its been a while since I have updated the blog but we have been really busy at
Boditronics Towers developing new products and packaging. We have 3 new
products launching in April:

IntraCellIntraCell. Our new state of the art intra workout product. This will be available to buy this week check out the main site.





Express Protein XRT-4. This is a leading edge blended protein containing Whey, Casein, Egg, Glutamine peptides and Soy Isolate. An ideal timed release product for every day use.





Mass Attack Juggernaut. The pinnacle of our very successful Mass Attack family this product has everything to give you more Power, Strength and Size.



We are also developing our stunning new cookie dough protein bar. 75g with 50% protein and a taste and texture unheard of in protein bars; release date for this will be Sept 2011!

You may have noticed that whey protein prices are continuing to rise in our industry. This is happening across the industry and is a result mainly of huge demand for whey protein from the Chinese market for baby formula products. We are working hard to minimize the impact on our  customers and indeed our rises are smaller than many of our competitors but we do have no choice but to pass some on. Hopefully these rises will stabilize over the coming months.



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Unsung Heroes


I keep getting reminded that we have a number of products in the range that while they do not appear very exciting on the surface are in fact very very underated. Many of our sponsors rave about Bodi-Armor and Bodipure Omega 3. These two inexpensive yet high-spec supplements can really help you train and achieve your goals. 

Omega 3Bodi Armor is a state of the art high potency multi vitamin that contains very high dosages of all the essential vitamins and minerals you need when you train from the highest quality sources . It is also one of the few multivitamins to contain Royal Gellee. This amazing supplement derived from the substance that queen bees eat is very high in the most bio available nutrients and can really help with immune function and well being.





BodiarmorBoditronics Omega 3 is a very pure fish oil essential for health and well being during an active life.

Best of all we offer these two superb products at very competitive prices so they are well worth a look.


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Intra–Magic will be available in Feb and is already causing quite a stir. Recently there have been a lot of studies into the benefits of consuming high levels of Branched-chain amino acids (BCCA) around the workout period. Countless research points to the best time to consume these being during your workout. 

Marked improvements in recovery, anabolism and performance have been observed.  Several “Intra workout” products have been launched, mainly in the USA, and have gained a loyal following amongst those “in the know” in Europe.  

Until now European brands have largely neglected this space but now Boditronics is proud to announce not only our first Intra workout product but as always we have looked to produce the finest product in the genre.  Intra-Magic contains very high levels of BCAA’s  2 most competing products, high levels of Glutamine, Citrulline, Taurine and a superb Electrolytic blend for enhanced performance.

Part of our protein splash range Intra-Magic will be available in refreshing and light Forest Berries and Lemonade flavours.


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Blog Launch

Hello all. 

This is the first entry in my hopefully informative new blog. I will be posting up every so often some thoughts and tips etc, and industry news that may be of interest to Boditronics customers. 


Firstly I would like to start by spot lighting our new recovery product RecoverEX. This really is a unique product and is a member of our new Protein Splash range. Protein Splash is a very different approach to Sports nutrition designed not to taste like a milk shake but to be light, refreshing and fruit juice-like. Many people find this much more preferable to heavy bloating shakes particularly after an intense training session. RecoverEX was designed based on an independent study on recovery from strenuous exercise by the eminent Norwegian scientist Van Loon, and contains all the ingredients and ratios outlined in that study to deliver a recovery product that not only tastes amazing but really works. We have trialled it on weight trainers, cyclists and sky divers to name a few, and all have said it is the best recovery product they have tried. 


Boditronics Facebook and Twitter.

We are enjoying great success with our Facebook and Twitter pages. Log on for exclusive offers and discounts. 

Boditronics Newsletter.

We are sending regular updates via a email newsletter. We also include a lot of additional discount codes and offers on there every month so if you have not yet done so sign up by clicking the link here. 


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