I have been competing in this industry for 10 years now and have never been affiliated with a supplement company in that time. Reason being, as a nutritionist and coach I will not promote anything that I myself will not do, that includes supplements; if I do not believe in the company, the purity and efficacy of the products they produce.

I have been using no other supplements other than Boditronics since February and now know just how genuinely effective the Boditronics range is.

There are no under dosed "concentrated proprietary blend" formulas, just big ol’ scoops of the required amounts of the active ingredients that taste great.

It is a very exciting time for me, to be joining forces with a company that has such a genuine sense of morality and care towards its athletes and customers. A lot of work, time and diligence has gone into formulating the line and it isn't over, more changes are being made all the time to make what is already very good, great.

It's also exciting to join such a diverse team, we have different disciplines and goals, this shows the Boditronics range will help you progress towards your goal whether your focus is physical development like myself, Dave Young and Stephen Noble or physical performance like John Bagnall and John Paul need - the Boditronics range WILL help you push further!