Colin Bird

Hello All,
On returning to the track in 2009 I soon realised that it was not only the equipment that would need to have the additional edge and horse power.
With Sponsorship from Boditronics I have managed to compete at the highest levels within my sport.  Boditronics products offer unique support that help me achieve optimum performance whether in the gym or battling with competitors.
I was introduced to Boditronics products and with a new training programme I have managed to improve strength and performance, the power of Boditronics products was obvious.
Express Whey is my favourite product it’s the best tasting protein shake I have ever taken and unlike other shakes it does not leave you bloated.  I also use Lypodryl to reduce and maintain my body weight and Red Mist for the extra alert required, pretty important when achieving 0-60mph in 3 seconds....