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 The Intra workout space is usually neglected by CrossFit athletes. Many choosing just to take water rather than a engineered supplement during training or competition, however extensive research has shown that high levels of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and correct Electrolytes taken during training or competition not only massively aids recovery but, can greatly enhance performance, strength and power when taken continuously as part of proper diet and training regime. Intracell is a best kept secret for CrossFit athletes and could be what you need to get that extra edge in competition.

Used in conjunction with RecoverEX, Intracell is a powerful tool in going that extra mile.

Intracell features very high amounts of BCAAs combined with peptide bonded Glutamine, Citruline and Electrolytes for optimum performance and Hydration during and after your workout.

Intracell allows Andy Edwards to train longer, more intensely and recover quicker.