Football requires several disciplines in order to achieve peak performance. SPEED, POWER, STRENGTH, ENDURANCE and RECOVERY, are all important to top football players.
Ensuring you get your nutrition and supplementation right is a key factor. Whilst warming up prepares your joints, the correct nutrition and supplementation fuels and powers your body.
Strenuous training and matches put a player's body under great stress. This means the body's requirements for good nutrition and supplementation increases dramatically, and failure to ensure the correct nutrition and sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals, can lead to a weakened immune system.



Most modern diets are now higher in protein rich foods such as meat, fish and milk than they were in the past, but it can still be difficult to get all the protein a top footballer needs from food alone. It is also important to keep the body in a positive nitrogen state to ensure it has all the nutrients it needs to repair and grow strong, therefore supplementation with a high biological value protein such as Boditronics Express Whey is an ideal supplement.
Protein is the body’s building block and contributes to a growth and maintenance of muscle mass and to the maintenance of normal bones. One of the most sought after protein supplement benefits is its ability to rapidly increase Lean muscles mass.
Boditronics Express Whey is a specific blend of the very best quality bio-available proteins. This unique blend ensures that all protein peptide-bonded fractions are present.  Also included are high levels of L-Glutamine and Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) amino-fraction also contributes to integrity of the immune system, brain cells, vital organs, muscles and metabolism during dieting.



Getting your pre-workout nutrition correct is essential because you need to prepare your body for the intense workout you are about to embark upon to help you make the most of your training regime, or the physical challenge of the 90 minute match you are about to play.
Red Mist v4 has been formulated with industry leading doses of key performance enhancing ingredients. Boditronics worked closely with several top athletes to perfect this formula. It was created especially to take athletes to a new level in their training regime, Red Mist v4 is a product which combines over 20 active ingredients in a carefully researched blend to provide an unequalled flagship pre workout formula. With No micro-dosing, no half measures and no proprietary blends, Red Mist v4 is the professional athlete's choice. An effective pre-workout product isn't just about providing a concoction of stimulant, it is about providing real results. 


Correct Nutrition and hydration during long matches is imperative.  Many choose just to take water rather than an engineered supplement during the game.   However extensive research has shown that high levels of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and correct Electrolytes taken during training or a match not only massively aids recovery but can greatly enhance performance, strength and power. BCAA Intracell Xtra is a best kept secret for footballers and could be what you need to get that extra edge. Used in conjunction with RecoverEX Extra or ISO Splash Recover Ex, BCAA Intracell Xtra is a powerful tool in going that extra mile. BCAA Intracell Xtra features very high amounts of Branch Chain Amino Acids combined with peptide bonded Glutamine, Citruline and Electrolytes for optimum performance and hydration during and after your match or training session.


Strenuous training and matches puts a player's body under great stress. This means that the body's requirements for Vitamins and minerals increases dramatically, and failure to ensure sufficient intake of certain vitamins and minerals can lead to a weakened immune system. Players can then be susceptible to illness and poor recovery. Supplementing with BodiArmor, a potent supplement containing 40 different vitamins and minerals and Zinc and Magnesium complex, a beneficial supplement containing essential minerals that combat deficiency, increases strength and shortens recovery time can really help stave off illness and aids recovery and wellbeing


The most important time for any athlete is the 30 minute window after training or competing. During this time your body is flooded with the stress hormone cortisol, your muscles glycogen levels are heavily depleted and your body is in a catabolic state. High levels of cortisol cause your body to go catabolic. This means that your muscles are in effect being broken down even after you have ceased training or playing. Failure to halt this catabolism by blunting cortisol release will lead to poor recovery, fatigue, over training and will severely impair your performance going forward.
RecoverEX Extra and ISO Splash Recover Ex are research backed, scientifically engineered recovery formulas favoured by top athletes. They blunt cortisol release and refuel your muscle glycogen levels fast after training or matches. They also help repair damaged muscle tissue and help muscles to not only recover faster but grow stronger. Regularly using RecoverEX Extra or ISO Splash Recover EX  within 30 minutes of training or matches will not only reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle Soreness), the aching you experience the day after, but will aid your performance in the future by ensuring repaired muscle tissue regenerates stronger than before. RecoverEX Extra and ISO Splash Recover include research backed amounts of protein, BCAAs, glutamine and fast absorption carbohydrates.   RecoverEX Extra also contains Collagen Hydrolysates and Vitamin C for the normal function of bones and cartilage
Both ISO Splash RecoverEx and BCAA Intracell Xtra are available in market-leading refreshing juice flavours, RecoverEX Extra is available in three delicious milkshake flavours . Tasty and easy to consume immediately, post strenuous exercise and do not bloat or sit heavy on the stomach like some other recovery products can.
Combine BCAA Intracell Xtra and RecoverEX Extra  and/or ISO Splash RecoverEx for the ultimate stack.