I am here to do the hard work for you!

The one thing in 8 years that I have always kept consistent is my use of Boditronics supplements.

After 12 months of using Boditronics supplements, I started working with them and have experienced first-hand many of the Fads that are presented to us from the industry. From HIIT training to fasted cardio, Low carb, no carb, high fats... the list is endless.  But Boditronics has maintained its position of selling good quality supplements throughout this time.

I have used their products in the lead up to competitions, which has led me to Win many UKBFF body fitness competitions, placing top 3-5 in NABBA toned and athletic classes and in the top 7 in NPA physique in the UK. Not only have this but I also featured in Ultrafit magazine, Women’s Fitness and Beef Magazine. Proving that not only can you have muscle but you can be beautiful and feminine with it.

My husband, Shane Copley (NABBA Mr Universe) and I now run Bodyworks gym in Featherstone, West Yorkshire, where I work as a Fitness and Lifestyle coach and have recently set up a running club for those fitness fanatics. I help people lose and gain weight using food they actually enjoy. In their sessions I teach them how to train, so that they have confidence to step in a gym without me.  I also try to do at least one charity event each year. This has so far included Race for life 5k, Tough Mudder 7k and just this year, I along with my eldest client of 78, ran the Leeds 10k for the Prince of Wales hospice!

I also coach people on stage presentation for Bodybuilding and fitness competitions.
I am a mummy and wife and still do a spot of Modelling, despite many health complications including IBS, under active thyroid and Anaemia. I am living proof that if you want the perfect body. “Where there is a will there is a way!”

Boditronics and I will do all the research in to the latest crazes (I will even do them myself and volunteer my wonderful clients) so that you get feedback on the results from real people.

No matter what your sport be it running, cross fit, bodybuilding, cycling, with the correct nutrition, you can achieve your goals!

A typical day’s diet for me would be;

Boditronics Bodiarmor- Amazing multivitamin!

Boditronics Intracell 1 small scoop (I could drink this all day)
Exercise - Run with the dog

Meal 1: Two small slices of toast 2 eggs
Meal 2: Two large rice cakes 200g cottage cheese
Meal 3: 100g chicken 35g rice and salad

Pre work out:  2 snackajacks with 200g cottage cheese

During :  1 heaped scoop Boditronics Intracell  

Post workout:  Boditronics Lemon cheesecake Express Whey (it used to be cookies and cream but Boditronics have nailed this I can’t get enough!)
Meal 5: 100g steak, veg 150g potato

Before bed: Boditronics ZMA (Zinc and Magnesium Complex) - it helps you sleep and encourages growth and repair. I will always maintain this is my secret weapon!