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Boditronics  brings you state of the art, high technology supplements targeted at sport and fitness, bodybuilding, weight training and general athletics.

Our products are designed to help trainers and athletes achieve the fitness and physique goals they desire.

We have a wide range of bodybuilding and muscle supplements such as weight gainer shakes, which include research proven ingredients such as Whey Protein, Creatine and Beta Alanine, as well as fat burners and carbohydrate supplements.

Boditronics  products are designed with usability and results in mind.

Our protein powders contain advanced features such as D aspartic acid, Creatine and digestive aids combined with the famous Boditronics flavours meaning they deliver the results you expect while not being a chore to consume.

Our industry leading Mass Attack range of muscle and strength gainers only use the finest low Glycemic index carbohydrate sources like our unique Ultracarb blend to deliver maximum nutrients in a slow sustained energy flow meaning maximum muscle gain and minimum fat gain. Protein Splash features light and refreshing fruit flavours for ease of consumption around the workout together with research backed formula that really deliver high levels of nutrients.