As a two times British Bodybuilding Champion it is critical that I fuel my body with only the very best supplements. Now I’m embarking on the journey to the Mr Olympia stage in Las Vegas in September, taking my body to the next level and making sure that I am in the best shape I have ever been has never been more important.

Boditronics never fails me on quality, performance, endurance and taste. A tried, tested and trusted brand for over 20 years, all products are manufactured in the UK in an Informed Sports accredited facility, there is no doubt that I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. To help me on this dream come true journey, I follow a very strict supplement and workout regime. A typical day for me is;

Morning: fasted cardio with Boditronics BCAA Intracell Xtra sipped throughout my workout. This helps fat burning, whilst preserving muscle and supporting overall recovery. My favourite flavour is orange & passionfruit but they are all amazing!

Throughout the day:  ISO Express 100% Whey Isolate is an amazing, exceptional quality isolate protein. This helps me fuel my high protein diet, helping build lean muscle. The protein is delicious and mixes well. My favourite is Vanilla Cream but there are 6 incredible flavours to choose from.

Pre-workout: Before weight training I take Red Mist V4 Pre-workout. This really packs a punch! It helps energise me, provides pump and focus, getting me through my hard-core workout. But then you don’t get the crash that you do with some pre-workouts. Awesome product! During training: I sip BCAA Intracell Xtra throughout my workout again. This is key to preserving muscle and aiding recovery. It’s a very underestimated supplement which should be a staple in everybody’s supplement regime, MAKE SURE YOU GET SOME!

Post workout: I always use RecoverEX Extra or ISO Splash RecoverEX to help my recovery; the key factor is its ratio of carbohydrates to protein, refuelling the body and replenishing glycogen recovery whilst providing the protein for building muscle. Boditronics have really covered every requirement and taste palate with having 2 recovery products, the RecoverEX Extra comes in 3 incredible milk shake flavours and also has added Collagen Hydrolysates which really enhances the recovery process. The ISO Splash RecoverEX is made with Whey Isolate and comes in 3 incredibly refreshing fruity flavours. It’s extremely light and so easy to consume straight after a workout. It does not bloat or sit heavily on the stomach like some recovery products can do.

Bedtime: Before I got to bed I take Boditronics Casein Xtra, this is the ideal product for ensuring I’m fuelled throughout the night with an 8 hour slow release protein. This really helps my body recover and boost muscle building. Casein Xtra is another Boditronics staple that needs to be in everybody’s supplement stock!

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