Lemon Drizzle Cake


Calories:  118 Kcals Per servings  Protein:  6g per serving


175g self raising flour
5g baking powder
100g of Flora (this lowers cholesterol a great add)
20g sucralose based sweetener
1 scoop of boditronics lemon cheese cake express whey 
zest of 2 small lemons 
2 eggs 
100g 0% natural yoghurt 
225ml water 


    1. 1.preheat the over to 110'c
      2. In a metal or glass bowl put two egg whites in making sure there is no yellow or they wont stiffen up
      3. in a separate bowl mix the inulin and sweetener together 
      4. Using an electric whisk on a low setting whip up the egg whites until thick and shiny (do it slowly may take a couple of minutes)
      5. Start to add the inulin and sweetener mix in 1tbs at a time until thick and fully mixed in 
      6. Add the vanilla essence
      7. whip a bit more,  (the consistency should be so thick that you could potentially hold it over your head without the mixture dropping out of the bowl) 
      8.. When you are happy with the mixture place the mix in to a piping bag with a spatula
      9. Squirt in to desired shape on to baking paper (that you have placed on a tray obviously)
      10. Place in the oven at  110'c for 15 mins 
      11. Turn the over down to 90'c and cook for a further 45mins
      12. turn the oven off and leave them in the oven till it cools or untill the Meringues have hardened (i left them about 35mins)