Martin Stevenson - Competitive Bodybuilder




Martin Stevenson – Boditronics Ambassador, Competitive Bodybuilder/Gym Owner/ Sports Nutrition Distributor and Business Development Manager for a Global Industrial Automation Company.

Age: 47

Weight: Off Season -  133kg.  Competition - 115kg


How did you get into training and competing?

I used to race in Down Hill and Cross Country Mountain Biking events; I was very fit and had an athletic physique. At that time my bodyweight was approx. 84 kg and at six feet tall, I felt pretty skinny.


I then had an accident whilst riding and broke my clavicle (Collar-bone) and damaged ligaments and tendon in my right arm, I spent six weeks in a sling and the result was wasting of the muscle (atrophy) in my right arm and shoulder. In Sept 1999 I visited a renowned physiotherapist and accomplished body builder Stuart Cosgrove. Stuart used to treat and train with Dorian Yates and has treated Ronnie Coleman and Ernie Taylor to name just a few. Stuart treated the injury over a course of weeks and once recovered, explained that I needed to rebuild the muscle or this would result in permanent weakness. Stuart set me a programme and instructed me to increase my protein intake to assist in recovery and strengthening by promoting repair to muscle tissue.


I continued riding and weight training and felt stronger than ever, my riding improved due to my upper body and core strength which helped manoeuvre and control the bike especially over rocky terrain. After a few months training Stuart commented on the rapid change in my body composition and suggested I take up body building as he felt I had good genetics, Stuart offered to mentor me and six months later I competed in my first bodybuilding competition, I placed fourth in the Intermediates at the Mr Northern UK show, I was delighted and no one believed I had been training for a total of twelve months. I now began to feel this was the right direction for me to take and under Stuart’s guidance I set about training for the same competition the year after. I entered the following year and won my class at 95kg! I was hooked!


Several years of training and studying every piece of information I could find, led to me achieving more trophies and then the ultimate prize. I bought my own gym, Olney Health & Fitness Ltd based in Olney near Milton Keynes in November 2005. I became a qualified Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer and have since helped many others compete. BODITRONICS offered to sponsor me in 2006 and did so for many years, I moved to NRGFUEL for a while when the recession hit but recently signed back up with BODITRONICS as I could see that the products and brand had really developed and is also manufactured in the UK. This point was highly influential in my decision making. I currently weigh 133kg with a body fat of approx. 10%.


Competition history


2001 OPEN ‘Mr. Northern UK’ Intermediates 4th

2001 OPEN ‘Mr. Northern UK’ Open 4th

2002 OPEN ‘Mr. Northern UK’ Intermediates 1st

2002 OPEN ‘Mr. Northern UK’ O/80kg 2nd

2002 EFBB ‘Mansfield Classic’ Intermediates 3rd

2002 EFBB ‘British Finalist’ Intermediates

2002 OPEN ‘Fitness 2000-Mike Ahearn Classic’ Intermediates 1st

2002 OPEN ‘Fitness 2000-Mike Ahearn Classic’ OPEN 4th

2003 NABBA ‘Mr. England’ Intermediates 4th

Nov 2005: Opened my own gym Olney Health & Fitness Ltd in Milton Keynes Area

2006: Qualified as Personal Trainer

2007 UKBFF ‘Midlands’ Super Heavyweights 2nd

2007 UKBFF British Super Heavyweights Finalist

2010 UKBFF ‘Leicester’ Super Heavyweights 1st

2010 UKBFF British Final Super Heavyweights 5th

2010 UKBFF ‘Mr. Hercules’ Super Heavyweights 3rd

2011 IFBB Amateur Olympia International Grand Prix 9th

2011 UKBFF ‘Body Power’ Super Heavyweights 3rd

2011 UKBFF ‘Bedford’ Super Heavyweights 1st

2011 UKBFF British Super Heavyweights Finalist

2011 WABBA Mr. UNIVERSE Germany Extra Tall Class 7th

2012 IBFA Mr. UNIVERSE Italy, Tall Class 3rd

2012 IBFA Mr. EUROPE Italy, Tall Class 2nd

2013 NABBA Pro-Am 4th

2013 NABBA Mr. Universe Class 1 5th

2014 NABBA Mr. England Class 1 2nd

2014 NABBA Mr. UNIVERSE Finalist

2015 NABBA Mr. England Class 1 1st

2015 NABBA Mr. UNIVERSE Class 1 2nd



Short Term Goal: Win Mr Britain/Mr.UK in Class 1 (Tall Class) in NABBA, WABBA, NAC and IBFA

Long Term Goal: Win Mr Universe/Mr World in Class 1 in NABBA, WABBA, NAC and IBFA


Personal Motto:                       ‘Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated’

                                                                        ‘Consistency is the key, there are no short-cuts’










What are your best achievement to date?  (How did you get to that point? how did it feel when you achieved it?)

My most rewarding achievement has been when I have qualified or been invited to represent my country, which I have done many times.

This I felt was achieved by consistency, I actually enjoy my daily routine of eating clean and training. I don’t really drink alcohol apart from the odd glass of wine with a meal on a special occasion, I don’t really do anything to excess and so I feel I am in more of an anabolic rather than catabolic state the majority of the time. I was delighted to be asked by Neale Cranwell and Dean Ash of the Active Channel to be a guest Body builder on the SKY Active TV Channel High Voltage ‘Shoulders’ & High Voltage ‘Chest’ workouts which I appeared in and enjoyed.



What motivates you?

I have 3 children my eldest daughter Ashley aged 23, my eldest son Callum aged 20 and my youngest son Jaime aged 15, they all think it’s great to have a Dad that everyone notices. My son Callum was starved of oxygen at birth and has Cerebral Palsy as a result of damage to his brain, it has mainly affected his ability to stand and so he is in a wheelchair. The fact that Callum is disabled motivates me to do the best I can with my body. Callum is very proud to have a Dad like the HULK! Callum is a big lad and I need to be strong to lift him. I never wanted to wake up one-day fat, bald and ready for a heart attack due to poor diet, excessive drinking and lack of exercise.



What is your typical diet and training like for the competition?

My diet consists of approx. 1.5g protein /2-3g carbs / 0.5g Fat per lb. in bodyweight so at my current weight of 133kg I consume 441g protein / 600 g carbs / 140g Fat.

I prefer to stay in good shape all year around and don’t see any benefit from putting on too much fat as it just makes tying your shoelaces so difficult without puffing and panting. The only weight I want to carry around with me is lean muscle tissue not an extra 70 lbs. of fat which affects your blood pressure and joints.

My carb intake is moderate and my fat intake is higher than most, I must add that most of my fat intake is in the form of a blend of healthy fats with Omega 3, 6 & 9 EFA’s this is a good source of energy without water retention as high carbs cause water retention. This blend of healthy fates are also fantastic for joints, skin and has multitude of other health benefits. For variety, I sometimes use various nuts, Avocado or Virgin Olive Oil.


Protein whole-food sources: Chicken, Turkey, Steak, Tuna, White fish, Egg whites and Salmon

Protein Supplements: Glutamine, BCAA’s, Whey, Micellar Casein

Carbs whole-food sources: Basmati rice, Sweet Potato, Baked Potato, Oats, small amount of fruit

Carbs Supplements: Dextrose (Fast acting Carbohydrate) and Boditronics Express Carbs (Maltodextrin)

Fats: Omega 3, 6 and 9, Olive oil, Walnuts, Almonds, Egg yolks, oily fish


I train 5-6 days per week for approx. 1-3hr’s each session, I train for 6wks Heavy (10 reps with 2 min’s rest between sets) then I train for 6wks (15 reps with only 30 sec’s rest) I then train using mainly Negative or Eccentric reps (10 second negative x 6 reps, per Set) and then repeat this periodisation.


My split looks something like:

Mon: Chest & Triceps (Or Legs)

Tues: Back

Wed: Abs

Thurs: Legs (I train legs every 10 days)

Friday: Shoulders, Traps & Rear Delts

Saturday: Biceps & Abs

Sunday: REST


What Supplements do you use?

It is paramount to have a balanced diet and I try in the main to use supplements for around 33% of my calorie intake and whole-foods for the remaining 66%, this keeps the gut healthy and intestines clear with lots of fibre. The clearer the intestine the more nutrients you can absorb.

I use BODITRONICS supplements as I have found BODITRONICS to have no nonsense approach, they produce a high specification product, backed by research and independent testing, without the hype and bogus claims of some of the industries less reputable companies.

I take Express Whey / Express Carbs Powder first thing on waking in the off-season, this signals my body to stop being catabolic and return to a positive nitrogen balance. The reason I use Whey is that it is rapidly absorbed and the advantage of Maltodextrin over glucose/dextrose is that it is less sweet. I take this in the form of 50g Protein and 60g Carbs in the morning and for Post-Training 75g Protein and 100g Carbs to replenish glycogen and begin the recovery process (Consumed immediately Post-Workout) then eat a whole-food meal 60-90mins later as this represents the anabolic window.




Branch Chain Amino Acids are Amino Acids that the body cannot make from other Amino Acids, therefore supplementation of BCAA’s is essential in times of increased stress from heavy training or dieting.


BODITRONICS Bodipure L-Glutamine

When dieting I take L-Glutamine with water on an empty stomach pre-cardio in the morning, pre-training and before bed. With L-Glutamine it is very important not to take it with other forms of protein as the Amino Acids compete for absorption, so wait at least 20mins before taking other forms of protein. L-Glutamine can reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), helps improve gut health and improves immune system. L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and so should be topped up when being depleted by hard training.



This is a Whey/Micellar Casein mix as a peptide this offers a time release effect and so can be taken any time of day to boost protein intake or as a stand-alone shake. It is high in BCAAs and has pre-biotics to aid digestion.


BODITRONICS Mass Attack Lean

This is a Pre and Post Workout shake again high in BCAAs but with added Creatine and Beta Alanine which delays fatigue, Mass Attack Lean also has added carbs in the form of glucose and maltodextrin. This type of product is now referred to as an ‘All in One’



This is a Micellar Casein this offers a time release effect the Micellar Casein is slow to digest (approx. 7hrs) in this product making it ideal before bed to reduce catabolism through the night.  It is high in BCAA’s and HMB


Other BODITRONICS Products also used:                      

Zinc Magnesium Complex (ZMA) for Endocrine Support and Testosterone booster

Bodipure Creatine for increasing strength








Example of (Off Season) diet

Meal 1: 50g BODITRONICS Express Whey / 60g Express Carbs

Meal 2: 150g (Dry) Oats / Chopped Banana / 2 Scoops BODITRONICS Express Whey-Vanilla / 3 Dessert Spoons Udo’s Oil

Meal 3: 500g Sweet Potato / Broccoli /300g Fillet Steak

Meal 4: Pre-Training 3 Scoops BODITRONICS Mass Attack Lean (60-90 mins prior)

Pre-Workout: BODITRONICS Red Mist (30 mins prior)

Meal 5: Post-Training 2 scoop Boditronics Express Whey / 100g Express Carbs

Meal 6: 125g (Dry) Basmati Rice, / 300g (Cooked) Turkey

Meal 7: 500g Sweet Potato / 300g (Cooked) Chicken

Meal 8: 3 Scoops BODITRONICS Casein Xtra / 3 Dessert Spoons Udo’s Oil



What are your interests outside of bodybuilding?

I ride motorbikes. I enjoy riding my Honda Super Blackbird 1100xx sports tourer around Europe in the Summer with my wife Kerry and friends. We have travelled around the Alps, Black Forest in Germany and all over Northern Spain and Portugal. I also do some Enduro riding and Green Lane riding in the Winter on my Suzuki DRZ400 and get covered up to my eyes in mud.



What are your plans for this year regarding bodybuilding?

I am dieting at the moment in preparation for the 2016 NABBA Mr. UNIVERSE in October in Birmingham. I have already qualified due to my 2nd placing last year.


What are your goals and ambitions in life?

To win my Pro-Card and Mr. Universe/World Titles with NABBA, WABBA, NPA or IFBA.

I would like to be involved in more TV programs and Video to promote Body Building in a positive way. To continue and expand my own gyms success to date, along with building my PT business and online supplement company to ensure people can get great quality instruction, information and                                                                                            products at a reasonable price.


Who are your biggest influences in Bodybuilding?

Definitely my wife Kerry who supports me in everything I do. My friend Stuart Cosgrove for teaching me almost everything I know about training and nutrition and taking me under his wing. My friend John Hodgson IFBB PRO who has been very supportive and helped me with competition preparation along with Paul Crook in my early days.



Final words / sponsors details, contact info i.e. FB fan page, website etc.?

Enjoy your training and if you are not achieving your targets, then have the sense to take a step back and re-evaluate what you are doing and why? The answer is not always ‘MORE’ sometimes its ‘LESS’. Consistency is the key to everything, be consistent and you will grow, the last thing you want are gains followed by huge losses either due to injury or over training.





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