Myths and questions about exercise and diet



Question: How many times should you go to the gym?

Once! The best way to a lifetime relationship with any exercise is to start slowly. Once a week to start with to get a feel for what you’re doing and how you can fit it in to your life. Before you know it you will be itching for a second, third or even forth visit. Remember not to be hard on yourself. Some weeks you will exercise a lot some weeks not so much. The secret is to make it work for you

Question: Is running is the best way to lose weight?

Have you ever walked really fast up a hill? Phew!! Walking, cycling, aerobics, boxing etc. Any of these that get your heart rate up and keep you moving are fantastic ways of losing weight. “It doesn’t matter how fast you’re going, you are still lapping the person on the sofa” 

Question: Am I allowed a treat at the weekend when dieting?

You are not a dog so don’t “treat” yourself with food. Treat yourself with the result! I’m not saying don’t eat chocolate or cake either. You must!! I’m saying allow yourself a bit of what you fancy, denying will lead to you over indulging. When you go out enjoy your meals and stop trying to choose the “right thing”. The less you deny the less you will indulge and accept all foods as part of life. To reach a healthier lifestyle make sure your food in the day is like a rainbow. The more colour you include the better it will be for you.

Question: I don’t eat breakfast, will this stop my progress?

This is where I ask you to bring the word in to context “BREAK-FAST”. Breakfast is merely the first meal of the day, you are breaking your overnight fast.  It doesn’t matter what time you have it, more what you have when you have it. Obviously it isn’t a good idea to make your first meal a chocolate bar. So consider what you ear for the first meal of the day, perhaps start with a protein shake and a piece of fruit?

Question: I have been told that doing my cardio fasted is the best way to burn extra calories, is this true?

I couldn’t agree less with this statement.  When I was body building the only reason I did cardio before breakfast was a) it delayed the time before I ate breakfast and b) to fit it into my day. If you think about it logically, if you are about to embark on 1 hour cardio, eating something small an hour before will help give you more energy to push harder and burn more calories. You are also more likely to make a better choice on your next meal.

Question:  Are vegetables free food?

To some extent yes, as they provide your body with a lot of fibre which will “go straight through you”. However, when you are trying especially to lose weight it is better to keep your portions small and eat often. It makes sense that if we can shrink our stomachs capacity so that we can’t eat as much, it will stop us from being able to fit so much in when we go for that Chinese buffet!

Question:  If I do ab exercises will they make me ripped?

Ab exercises will give you a strong core, which is vital! However they alone will not make you ripped. 3 days of weight training on different parts of your body is key with a little cardio thrown in at the end … steady away and avoid injury!



Myth- Carbohydrates are bad!!!

This is one of my favourite myths. Your body NEEDS carbohydrates for energy, not just to move but also to think! In fact, carbohydrates are also used in the body to help absorb protein. You will find that going on a diet that cuts out carbs will make you feel lethargic and tired and you may not be able to think straight. Think balanced!! A little bit of carb (slice of toast) a little bit of fat (a little butter or spread) a little bit of protein (2 eggs) and some fibre (perhaps a little spinach). A balanced breakfast.

If you do struggle to find time to make food, consider a serving of Boditronics Mass Attack Juggernaut, 1 scoop for ladies and 2 for gents. This can be used as part of a balanced diet and will also give you that often required sweet kick!

Myth: I felt hungry so I had a drink!

OOSH, please listen to your body you know the difference between thirst and hunger. Thirst = mouth feels dry

Hunger = tummy grumbles

They are completely different things. Perhaps try a rice cake with cream cheese on when you’re feeling peckish. Of course a drink won’t go amiss but if you listen to the signs of hunger, you are less likely to over indulge when it comes to a meal time. Think little and often

Myth: Pizza makes you fat-

No it doesn’t! One pizza will not make you fat in the same way that one salad will not make you skinny!

Myth: I’ve done “this” amount of exercise so I deserve this!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… the only way I can stress this is when I ran a marathon this year, I burnt 2000 calories according to my Garmin.  That at best is 1 meat feast pizza!!! Yes that’s right 3½ hours cardio= 1 pizza. It is very easy to undo hard work. Think carefully about your food choices, when you are not being social they could be the difference between a diet helper and a diet killer.

Myth: If I could just lose a stone I will feel better.

Really, so … what does a stone look like? Please remember that muscle weighs more than fat. Thus if you lose a stone you could actually still look the same, if you don’t lose a stone you could still be leaner.

My advice? Throw the scales away! Stop picking fault with yourself and do right by you! If you know you are eating healthier and doing a little exercise every day, you will slowly, steadily and  calmly reach your goal and it wont feel like so much effort!