New Year Diets



Traditionally, January is the time when a lot of people embark on a ‘New Year new you’ concept and make a decision to overhaul their diet and exercise regime.

When people start a diet, they do it with the best of intentions, they usually have a clear picture in their mind of their weight loss goals and they are determined to achieve them no matter what.

Following a diet for more than just several days can be a daunting task, you may have a slow metabolism and you do not lose weight at a fast pace, which can be very disheartening.

There are many reasons why people struggle to follow healthy diets long term, these can range from the lack of motivation to draconian ‘fad’ diets that may leave you feeling hungry or just do not suit you.

Five of the most common reasons are;

  1. Being too hard on ourselves.

Dramatically changing our diets all of a sudden can make it difficult to adapt to a new, healthier eating regime. This can result in us thinking that we should be ‘doing better’ than we are at losing weight.

The general rule of thumb is that to lose an average of 1lb per week, we need to decrease our calorie intake by 500 per day.

Gradually changing our diet/eating habits is a good way to start. For example, if an individual normally takes 2 teaspoons of sugar in their drink and they decrease this to 1, based on 4 drinks a day that would equate to 448 less calories per week and 23,296 per year!


  1. Thinking that carbohydrates are an enemy!

Carbohydrates sometime have an unfair reputation of being ‘bad’ so they need to be taken out of a weight loss plan.

This is not true! As with most things, when they are not eaten in excess, they form an integral part of a healthy eating regime.

Carbs are required for many bodily functions – one of the main ones is to fuel our body and give us energy. Especially ‘starchy’ carbs such as potatoes, rice pasta and cereals, as well as being a good source of energy they are full of fibre – another key factor in weight loss!

Not having enough carbs will results in feelings of lethargy, tiredness, fatigue and mood swings!


  1. We need to cut out all fats

One of the first things people do when trying to lose weight and eat healthier is to cut out all fats because they are deemed to be unhealthy – this is not the right approach.  ‘Good’ fats (unsaturated) actually help to keep weight down.

A small amount of fat is an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet. Fat is a source of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s), which the body cannot make itself.

EFA’s are required to maintain cholesterol levels, protect the nerves, store fat soluble vitamins and much more.

Good sources of EFA’s are oily fish. Nuts and seeds and vegetable oils.



  1. The best way to get in shape is to spend hours at the gym or exercising

A lot of people are of the belief that spending endless hours in the gym or exercising is the answer to losing weight but if your diet is hugely calorific and unhealthy, the chances of you losing weight are slim

A well balanced diet and exercise regime are the key factors in boosting weight loss as well as being good for your overall fitness levels and mental health.

Exercising around three to four times a week is plenty. It is also worth remembering that with exercise, it is a case of quality over quantity. For example, doing a good, high intensity/targeted workout in half an hour is more beneficial for you than slaving away for two hours on the exercise bike!


  1. Confusion of how supplements can aid weight loss

There is no ‘magic quick fix’ to losing weight and getting in shape.

But there are reputable, scientifically researched supplements that can aid your weight loss journey and enhance your exercise regime.

Meal Replacement Protein Shakes (MRP):

Protein is a crucial element in aiding weight loss. Formulated to specific Meal Replacement regulations, these MRP shakes help to fill you up faster, maintain lean muscle mass (in conjunction with the right exercise) and replace excessive carbs and fats within your diet.

When used in conjunction with a suitable calorie controlled diet and exercise plan Boditronics Diet Whey can aid weight loss and help achieve the goal of a healthy, lean and toned physique.


Whey Protein Shakes:

Whey protein shakes have so many benefits for so many reasons.  Our bodies need protein to help grow and maintain muscles and support healthy bones.  A whey protein shake will also aid weight loss, promote a lean physique and help in the recovery process after exercise.

Boditronics Anabolic Whey has all of the benefits of a whey protein but also has the advantage of containing  D Aspartic Acid, a hugely popular testosterone booster. Healthy testosterone levels assist in weight and fat loss due to the body being able to assimilate fat more effectively as an energy source.


Fat Metabolisers (Fat Burners):

‘Fat Burners’ are supplements that are taken alongside a well-balanced diet to aid weight loss by increasing fat metabolism. They can help suppress appetite and promote fat to be used as energy thus speeding up the metabolism resulting in weight loss.

Boditronics Lypodryl Ultra Lean is an ultra-potent metabolic enhancer, designed to stimulate the utilisation of fat more efficiently.