Rugby requires several disciplines in order to achieve peak performance. Speed, Power, strength, endurance and recovery are all important to the top rugby player, and the following products are recommended as the core of a good supplementation regime. All are used extensively by top rugby players to help them achieve these goals.

Probably the most important time for athletes is during the 30 minute window after training or competing. During this time your body is flooded with the stress hormone cortisol, your muscles glycogen levels are heavily depleted and your body is in a catabolic state. High levels of cortisol cause your body to go catabolic. This means your muscles are in effect being broken down even after you have ceased training or playing. Failure to halt this catabolism by blunting cortisol release will lead to poor recovery, fatigue, over training and will severely impair your performance going forward.
RecoverEX is a research backed, scientifically engineered recovery formula favoured by top athletes. RecoverEX blunts cortisol release and refuels your muscle glycogen levels fast after training or matches. It also helps repair damaged muscle tissue and helps muscles not only recover faster but grow stronger. Regularly using RecoverEX  within 30 minutes of training or matches will not only reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle Soreness), the aching you experience the day after, but will aid your performance in the future by ensuring repaired muscle tissue regenerates stronger than before. RecoverEX includes research backed amounts of protein, BCAAs, glutamine and fast absorption carbohydrates.

Attack Lean
Mass Attack Lean is a specialist all in one protein supplement which has been shown to consistently deliver superb results.  Mass Attack Lean is designed to take the guess work out of supplementation and deliver not only excellent recovery from strenuous exercise but superb gains in strength and power. It features all the nutrients the body needs to grow strong and endure to the next match.  The inclusion of research backed dosages of Creatine, Beta Alanine, Taurine and Glutamine in addition to carbohydrates and protein mean that Mass Attack Lean is an ideal product for the Rugby athlete.
If you only take one supplement to aid your regime, Mass Attack Lean has all the bases covered.

 Mass Attack Juggernaut

For those players who struggle to put on or maintain muscle and mass for Rugby, be that due to a fast metabolism or struggling to eat enough, then Mass Attack Juggernaut is a high calorie version of Mass Attack Lean. In addition to almost 3 times the calories per serving Mass Attack Juggernaut includes large doses of protein, Creatine, Beta Alanine, Taurine and Glutamine and also adds very large amounts of BCAAs, to help with recovery and muscle development.
and Zinc and Magnesium complex

Strenuous training and matches puts a player's body under great stress. This means the body's requirements for Vitamins and minerals increases dramatically, and failure to ensure sufficient intake of certain vitamins and minerals can lead to a weakened immune system. Players can then be susceptible to illness and poor recovery. Supplementing with BodiArmor and Zinc and Magnesium complex can really help stave off illness and aids recovery and wellbeing