Steph Noble


I am honored to have the opportunity to promote the Boditronics Brand and I am proud to be sponsored by such a forward thinking team who are dedicated to top research into top quality products to support athletic performance in all areas of the sport & fitness industry.

I have dedicated my training and goal setting within the sport of Bodybuilding and have been competing successfully as a natural figure competitor since 2013.  It was a dream come true to reach my goal of receiving an invitation to compete internationally in 2015 and coming away with a Top 3 placing at such a prestigious event was the highlight of my bodybuilding career to date. I now have my goal firmly set on reaching a champion title on British soil and reaching future pro Status on the natural stage with the hope of competing abroad again for a top spot.


My competing achievements so far have been:



NPA Yorkshire – Miss Trained Figure 1st Place

BNBF Northern – 2nd Place

UKDFBA – Miss Fit body 1st Place

NPA British Finals – Trained Figure 2nd Place

BNBF British Finals – 5th Place



BNBF North East – Figure 1st Place

BNBF British Finals – Figure 5th Place

UKDFBA – Fit Body 3rd Place



BNBF Centrals – Figure 1st Place

BNBF British Finals – Figure 3rd Place (invite to compete internationally at the worlds)

DFAC International World Finals, Miami – Figure 3rd Place



Offseason – A year out of competition of focused training for hypertrophy.





To progress to reach my goals - I need good quality supplementation. Most of Boditronics products are a staple in my nutritional programme in season and offseason. In season my day begins with a fusion of Boditronics ISO-Whey protein with Boditronics glutamine, the flavours taste great & the products alongside my healthy diet increase my fat loss goal results. Offseason I enjoy Boditronics Express Whey in Strawberries and Cream, in the morning with oats and bananas!

Post workout you can’t beat Banoffee flavoured Boditronics XTR-4 Express Protein! It’s delicious, & feeds my muscles instant high quality protein to help increase hypertrophy & enhance my body's recovery! Lastly all year round I use Intracell. This is my one of my favourite products of all time! Long lasting amino energy, pre, during and post workout. I am never without this!


Boditronics are continuously developing fantastic products designed to help athletes like myself achieve the fitness and physique goals I desire. After using Boditronics, I would never go back to using anything else!


I love to offer inspiration or advice to other likeminded people…Follow me along on my journey


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Instagram – Steff_noble_figure

Twitter - @SteffNoble




When preparing for a show my prep diet continuously changes from fortnight to fortnight and sometimes weekly depending on how my body is changing and how well I am responding to certain foods. It is also important to note that there are many ways to diet to get competition ready and through experience we can learn which method is the most efficient and which method correlates well with each individual specific body type. I have prepped for shows in many different ways varying my macro percentages of fats/proteins/carbs. I count calories from all foods apart from vegetables. (I have as much veg/salad as I like) Essential fibre, minerals and vitamins from veg are vital for optimal health and in my opinion should not be substituted or removed. Below is a typical day from my most recent prep.  Lastly with any diet when trying to tighten up or lose weight, consistency, time, patience, a solid training program and good supplementation to support your diet are the key to success! 


On Season Typical days diet


Meal 1 – 50g oats and a scoop of Boditronics Iso-whey

Meal 2 – 60g chicken or turkey, 250g sweet potato wedges

Meal 3 – 60g Chicken Curry, 60g Basmati rice

Meal 4 -  60g Turkey, 200g sweet potato


During workout – Boditronics Intracell


Meal 5 – 150g chicken, 50g basmati rice and mixed veg

Meal 6 – 50g oats and and a scoop of Boditronics Iso –whey


Off Season Typical days diet


Meal 1 - 60g Oats with Boditronics Express Whey Strawberry and Cream Protein Shake with 35g Flaxseed & 1 banana

Meal 2 60G Turkey, Mixed salad, 250g sweet potato

Meal 3 3 egg salad/ 150g sweet potato

Meal 4 60G Turkey, salad, 200g sweet pot


Pre Workout – Boditronics Red Mist!

During workout -  Boditronics Intracell

Post workout Shake – Boditronics XTR-4 Protein with 4 x Kallo Chocolate Rice cakes


Meal 5 - 150g Chicken, basmati rice, mixed veg

Meal 6 - 60g oats , 1 scoop Boditronics Express Whey protein


During Offseason and Prep I use Boditronics supplements everyday.

Healthy Immune system – Boditronics Bodiarmour Multi vitamin x 1

Joint and overall health – Boditronics Bodipure Omega 3 fish oils x 6

Recovery - 15g Boditronics Glutamine