What is Taurine and where is it found?
Taurine is an amino acid (a building block of protein) found naturally in your body, mainly in nerve tissue and muscle. Taurine is also found in food, most notably meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products, and fish.

How is it used in Sports Nutrition?
As a sports supplement, Taurine can be taken alongside Creatine and Beta Alanine. It is also a popular ingredient in many energy drinks, helping to ward off dehydration and cramping. It volumizes muscle cells i.e. draws water to them in a similar way to Creatine, this not only helps increase hydration but also can help speed up the rate that protein is synthesized which can lead to increased muscle growth when combined with correct training regimes.

Taurine has been shown in studies to reduce the damage to muscle tissue caused by exercise, giving it an important role in speeding the recovery process.
Although it is classed as non-essential, Taurine is sometimes considered to be a "conditionally essential" amino acid. Under certain conditions, such as a regular exercise program, the body may not be able to create enough Taurine to meet the extra demands. Stress, both physical and mental, can deplete body levels of Taurine and increase overall Taurine requirements.

Taurine has also been shown to reduce sleepiness, boost energy, increase alertness and improve reaction times, thus it is included in workout products such as Intracell where all of the above features are desirable during strenuous exercise.

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