Dave Young, Competitive Bodybuilder

My name is Dave Young and I am a competitive bodybuilder.  I have been competing 4 years. As a junior I was very fortunate to win some major UK titles including the NABBA Junior Mr Britain and NABBA Mr United Kingdom.  I have also competed internationally in Brazil in the NABBA World Championships, placing 4th.
My next goal is to step up into the Mr Classes and be competitive.  In order to do this I need to spend some time dedicated to growing muscle tissue.  This means that I will be needing quality supplementation to reach my goals and carry on pushing through plateaus and this is where Boditronics products come in.  I use a lot of the range but my favourite products I use and always advise are:
ISO-Whey – I use this every morning before I do my cardio in order to prevent muscle breakdown.  The ISO-Whey is a massive favourite of mine due to the fact it comes in ‘fruity’ flavours which are a lot easier to drink first thing in a morning.
INTRACELL – This is also used to my pre cardio and intra workout training drink and I believe it is the best amino acid complex on the market today.  A big 7g Leucine content in a 2:1:1 ratio of BCAA makes this ideal for preventing muscle breakdown.  The other reason I love this performance product is due to the fact it increases energy through one of my favourite supplements, Niacin, as well as having an electrolyte replenishment complex also.
Express Whey Anabolic – Whilst trying to gain muscle, I need to provide it with quality ingredients to aid in helping the process on.  With the Express Whey Anabolic, not only do I a high quality protein serving (54g) I use a testosterone booster in the form of D-Aspartic Acid I use a blend of Creatine and Glutamine in one serving.
I am very fortunate to be sponsored by such a reputable and market leading brand with the industry.  The thing which I love the most about the Boditronics range is that everything is scientifically backed with no insane claims or marketing schemes.  The brand has become one of the best around due to the quality it provides.  The products do exactly what they say they are going to do.  The other thing is that I like about Boditronics is I haven’t tasted a bad product from them.  Across the full range of powders and bars, you can tell a lot of time has been put into the flavouring systems.