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Chelsy Osborne

What is your sport?
Bikini competitor

A little bit about Chelsy
I used to be a 200m sprinter and I got into bodybuilding 2 years ago and made a great achievement of winning the LCBBS competition. I am now a level 3 qualified Personal Trainer who absolutely loves the fitness industry and anybody who is passionate about the sport.!

Which Boditronics products are your favourite and when do you use them?
The Express Whey Rich Chocolate flavour is my favourite Boditronics product, it has a great taste and I will hands down use it again.





Frankie Copley

What is your sport?
Bodybuilding, cycling and running. I just love sport!

A little bit about Frankie
I am a mummy, gym owner, personal trainer, deep tissue masseur and nutritionist that just loves sport. I like to show everyone no matter what your age or medical condition, you can accomplish your perfect body. I like to show people that not one type of exercise fits all in the same way that not one diet fits all. 

Which Boditronics products are your favourite and when do you use them?
BCAA Intracell Extra! - While I train and especially when my intent is very heavy lifting.
Diet Whey: Especially white chocolate and raspberry flavour, it tastes amazing and gives me a lift post work out.

insta @bodyfitfrankie 




Steve Titan

A little bit about Steve

My name is Steve, I am the UK's Number One Sideshow Strongman TITAN. Winner of the 2022 Wilkinson Sword Award and Multiple British and World Record Holder as seen on Comedy Central, SKY Television, DAVE and Channel Five.

Life as a Strongman, Actor and Stage Performer has a lot of demands on the body so I need to make sure my nutrition perfect to aid in my recovery, to keep my immune system strong and most importantly to keep myself physically strong.

Which Boditronics products are your favourite and when do you use them?
Bodiarmour: This product is perfect for adding important Vitamins, Minerals and antioxidants to the diet. Keeps the immune system strong and also combats my stress levels when dealing with a busy schedule.

Heavyweight: As a strength entertainer for TV, Circuses and Theatre Productions there is sometimes not enough time in the day. Back to back shows, traveling and training can unfortunately have you fall back on calorie intake. Mass Attack Heavyweight helps me not only to keep my calories on track but also helps me with my performance. My body and muscles feel full, my stomach isn't bloated and I feel stronger.

BCAA Intracell: Now if your like me who sweats for fun then this is a must. Whether I am in the gym or backstage during a show this is what I'll be sipping on for the whole duration. Rehydrates the body, replenishes the muscles and stops me from cramping and it's also very refreshing!

Casein Xtra: Everybody knows that a goodnight sleep is important but also having a good source of slow releasing protein in the tank whilst you sleep is even better. I call this the bedtime shake. Bed time is Casein time and this baby is going to make sure I'm recovering nicely. Look after the body, the body will look after you.




Craig Voisey

A little bit about CRaig
For nearly 10 years I was a professional rugby player, luckily enough to play all over the world. The main bulk of my career was playing for Moseley Rugby Club in Birmingham. 8 years ago I retired and started a new career based life, playing rugby locally. That was until inspiration from my wife, who for various reasons decided she would try a triathlon, and I jumped in to join her. The rest is history. I was bitten by the bug of competitive sport again. Over the last few years I have thrown myself into this new sport and love it – the test of endurance, the mix of disciplines and the metal toughness. In 2023 I set myself the goal of becoming and Ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.3 mile run) which I achieved at Ironman Wales, Tenby on the 3rd September 2023.

I am now looking forward to my next challenge of fast 70.3s before my next full distance in 2025!

Which Boditronics products are your favourite and when do you use them?
ZMA: every night before bed - recover is key for endurance athletes and the best recover is done when asleep, I like to maximise this with ZMA. I sleep deeper and longer as a result getting the best recovery possible.

BCAA intracel: I use this the most, pre swim and pre race and during hard wattbike sessions and an and c sessions. I also use it in races - the fuelling and recovery this provides is second to done. I even started to add the odd shake in when not training and feel fatigued.

RecoverEx: recovery is key for me as an endurance athlete, often pairing long bike and run sessions without the luxury of sleep! Intake recoverEx after every session (sometimes with a scoop of collagen) to get me ready for the next!




A Journey of Dedication and Transformation.

From a humble beginning to a remarkable journey of self-improvement, I have proven time and again that with passion and hard work, anything is possible. With a background spanning over a decade in martial arts, including extensive training in Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, and kickboxing, I have gained not only physical strength but also discipline and focus.

But that's not all I have spent a remarkable 15 years dedicated to the gym, exploring various training techniques, and pushing boundaries to achieve personal excellence. Through consistent effort, I have transitioned from being a lean individual to a muscular force, showcasing expertise in muscle gain that serves as an inspiration to many.


Beyond martial arts and fitness, I also am embarking on a journey to become the best bodybuilder. 


The dedication and knowledge acquired throughout the years have prepared me for this new challenge, and it's bound to be another testament to their unwavering commitment to self-improvement.


I prove that the path to success is paved with persistence, hard work, and an unyielding spirit. 


From a passion for martial arts to a journey of physical transformation, their story is an inspiration to anyone striving for personal growth and excellence.

insta @batmandan_fitness



Wande Kimaro


 A little bit about Wande

Hi, my name is Wande Kimaro and I’m a personal trainer and online coach from South East London. I also compete in bodybuilding and do a bit of modelling on the side.

In 2021 I was featured in muscle magazine an international fitness magazine. I’ve also done modelling for a number of international brands like, Bear Grips, Louis Arjuna and many others.

I’m excited as I’m getting ready to compete again to work with Boditronics as I’ve always used their products and they have been a massive help in my fitness journey to represent them on a official level.

If you like to know more about me feel free to check out my modelling page @wandekimaro on Instagram where you can see more of my modelling work or @coachedbywande on instagram where you can follow my fitness journey and learn more about how I can help you in your own fitness journey as online coach.


insta@wandekimaro  @coachedbywande






Ryan Robinson


Ryan robinson 

I’ve been around martial arts my whole life I’ve had mma and boxing bouts. I have 2 ju-jitsu gold medals and own my own gym and boxing academy.

My favourite products are Red mist and juggernaut 

Red mist is my all time favourite and gives me the energy I need for training and competitive fights.

Juggernaut is the perfect all round supplement for me whether it’s a meal replacement, after a tough workout or for recovery







Anthony Holmes


Up 5:30 affirmations or watch motivational YouTube

I take dog for walk over fryston nature reserve 45 minutes

Train either strength and conditioning, boxing , steady state cardio or red zone

Have supplements before and after training

Before I have BCAA intracell , creatine and red mist pre workout

All my aminos and extra push with them straight after i have elite hydration followed by recovery x or Anabolic whey

Then before bed take ZMA for zinc and magnesium to aid in recovery and better sleep

Recovery sauna , jacuzzi or ice bath or mix two

Coach from 4pm onwards and usually bed for 21:30 with sauna before bed help relax body




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