Frankie’s Juggernaut Chocolate Protein Truffles


These delicious truffles are roughly 50 calories each (a plain rice cake is 35 cals and a Chocolate Snack a Jack is 60 cals). The full serving, which makes 7 nicely sized truffles, is around 40g carbs and 24g of protein.


  • 75g Juggernaut Chocolate.
  • 3tbs (50ml) Cashew Milk (or any milk you have to hand).
  • *Extra cocoa for dusting.


  • 1tsp (6g) of reduced sugar choc spread.
  • 4tsp (24g) cocoa powder.
  • 3tsp (18g) sucralose based sweetener.

Cooking Time
  • n/a


  1. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl
  2. Add the milk
  3. Keep mixing (I used a fork) until it all mixes together to make a strong paste. If it is not thick enough add a little extra Juggernaut, 1tsp (6g) at a time.
  4. (You can sweeten as needed but we liked it as it is. If you add cocoa powder you will probably have to add the sweetener).
  5. Cut truffle sized pieces from the mix – I used a fork and scraped it off with a knife
  6. With clean, dry, hands, roll into truffles and then roll on cocoa powder to dust. This makes then dry to the touch.
Eat the whole lot as a snack or place them in the fridge for later (yeah, right, it's 7.30am and I ate a whole one, had half a bite couldn't stop after that!)