I have been training all of my adult life in some form or another mostly due to work.  Not until 2004 did I enter into the realm of utilising supplements in an attempt to make a difference in size to my physique.  Since then I have used many of the leading brands and settled for the market leader in advertising with respect to an all in one product.
It wasn't until 6 months ago that I was introduced to Boditronics products and made the switch to their all in one product, Mass Attack Lean (previously Profusion Reloaded).
Only now, for the first time, do I feel that I am using a product that is firstly working, and secondly, it makes me feel like it's working with respect to recovery and maintaining strength whilst cutting weight.
Importantly this has a major non-physical effect which can't be outdone, and that is the price. I have not found a similar product that works on all levels and at a similar price. I am still competing as a professional athlete in Mixed Martial Arts and fight on the Ultimate Challenge MMA show which can be seen on Sky sports. When you look at the photographs I think you will agree that at age 39 Mass Attack Lean certainly works well!!