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Heavyweight Winter Spiced Protein Chews


These delicious truffles are roughly 50 cal each which is bang on. (A plain ricecake has 35 calories and chocolate Snack a Jacks has 60 calories.) The full serving, which makes 7 nicely sized truffles, is around 40g carbs and 24g of protein.


  • 75g Heavyweight Sweet Spice.
  • 2tbs (30ml) Cashew Milk (or any milk you have to hand).
  • *Extra cocoa for dusting

Preparation Time
  • 15 Minutes

Cooking Time
  • n/a


  1. Put the Heavyweight Sweet Spice in a bowl.
  2. Add the milk.
  3. Mix like billy-o until your arm nearly drops off. Sing Christmas songs at the bowl a few times. Then it turns in to a thick soft stretchy batter.
  4. Cut chew sized pieces from the mix – I used a fork and scraped it off with a knife.
  5. With clean, dry, hands, roll into chews and then roll in a little more protein powder and dust with cocoa to give it a kick and stop them sticking together. This also makes them dry to the touch.
They are lovely and chewy, perfect for that sweet fix, stopping you from going overboard.
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