My name is Kay Goodwin, I am married and a mother to our 18yr old son.
I am a competitive body builder for NABBA in which I have competed for the last 6 years.
I have recently returned from the world championships in Brazil where I placed 2nd in the Miss Trained Figure class (2016).
In my time with NABBA, I have achieved and exceeded my dreams in Miss Toned Figure winning the titles of Miss North East 2013, Miss England, Britain and Universe Finalist top 6 and Miss World Runner up. I now compete in Miss Trained Figure where I have just achieved Miss North East 2014 and my biggest title to date Miss Britain.
I made the dramatic move from Toned Figure to Trained Figure within 6 months due to the focus, hard work and dedication to continually push myself and to achieve my goals.
To progress and become world champion I need good quality supplementation to take me from the Top British spot to the top of the International level. This is where I believe Boditronics state of the art products give me the edge I need to achieve this. The variety of products available will play a massive role in helping me achieve this and going forward into 2016/2017.
I use a variety of Boditronics products including Express Whey, ISO Whey, BCAA’S and Casein Xtra (previously Midnight Express) being my favourites.
Express Whey, cookies and cream flavour is a fantastic tasting product, full of the best ingredients which include high levels of L-Glutamine and BCAA’s to enhance my muscle growth and recovery. I use this product daily whether to flavour my breakfast oats or straight after my workouts.
Casein Xtra (previously Midnight Express), rich chocolate flavour satisfies my sweet craving and fills me up for bed, enabling me to have a good night’s sleep feeling full, knowing that my muscles are being fed whilst sleeping due to the slow release proteins included.
I am and feel very lucky and fortunate to be sponsored by Boditronics, a 1st class and market leading brand in the fitness industry. The things I love most about the products is that everything tastes fabulous, from the fruity Iso Whey drink to shakes. There is a product to cover my every nutritional and physical need during on and off season.
I work extremely hard to achieve my goals and to keep improving my body and physique, mentally and physically and will only put in the best quality products, this is why Boditronics works for me.