Why Use Anabolic Whey?
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Why Use Anabolic Whey?

by Frankie CopleyYogi
Why Use Anabolic Whey?
Everyone loves an off-season! A chance to gain a few pounds and eat a bit more. A chance to feel more human and train harder. BUT WAIT! What if you don’t want to lose your abs in an off-season body? What if you like your new Physique and want to keep it, but just want a bit more size?  Boditronics has developed a groundbreaking, muscle-keeping, lean gainer!..
You can say goodbye to your Off-season belly with EXPRESS WHEY ANABOLIC!


Why is it different to other Mass gainers? 

Unlike Most gainers that re often full of carbohydrates, Express Whey anabolic brings together High-quality Protein, D-Aspartic Acid and Creatine Gluconate. This highly researched mix has been put together to specifically target Lean Mass Growth and performance. Express whey anabolic boasts a huge 54g of Protein, 5g creatine and 1.1g D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) and a huge 11g of Glutamine per serving! All of this with a tiny 7g of Carbs!..


Don’t I need carbs to gain muscle? How does it work? 

Not with Anabolic Whey! Everything we eat contains Carbohydrates including Vegetables! Supplementing with DAA leads to improved protein synthesis, ensuring your body makes better use of the protein you take in through food and supplement use, Then adding creating will increases physical performance in successive bursts in short-term, high-intensity exercise helping you train harder even in your off-season. All of this teamed up with a huge dose of high-quality protein can help reward you with the Hard earned gains in your off-season and keep them should you want to use Anabolic Whey whilst dieting down!

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