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Why Choose Diet Whey Protein?

by Andy Rogers
Why Choose Diet Whey Protein?

So you go into your local health food shop or you're on the internet and you want a protein .. you know it's good for you and everyone is using one, but which one is right for you?

Boditronics Diet Whey... Not just for diets, it’s the one for you!! 

What makes it different? 

Well first off Boditronics Diet Whey isn’t just made up of Whey protein! Boditronics have come up with a mix of fast and slow-release proteins that have been specifically designed to be released over a longer stretch of time.. 

What does that mean to you? This means you will feel fuller for longer. This works as a great snack to fend off hunger till lunchtime, or as a fantastic part to your breakfast. 

It tastes incredible!!! 

Boditronics Diet Whey comes in lots of yummy flavours. For those of you who have a sweet tooth Boditronics Diet Whey tastes amazing be it if you make it with water or milk! Chocolate, banana, vanilla, white chocolate and raspberry, chocolate mint EVEN Cherry Liqueur. You are bound to find a flavour that not only tastes great but helps you on your way to weight loss without feeling like you're doing without. 


It can be used in breakfast oats, yoghurts, cake and cooking.. At Only 80cal! A scoop of Boditronics Diet Whey added to anything mixed with water as a milk substitute will give any meal a healthy protein kick of a massive 22g protein per serving without adding any unnecessary nasties.


In every serving Boditronics Diet Whey boasts an array of fat-burning ingredients such as CLA, Green tea and carnitine tartrate which are not only fantastic fat-burners but have been proven to help suppress your appetite and give you a boost of energy when you feel like your running on empty

In Conclusion! 

Boditronics Diet Whey is a great supplement to any diet even if you are not on a diet!

With its natural energy boosters, slow-release protein and low carbohydrate formula this is the product that will help you get lean… and Stay that way

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